Horse riding  

Riding in the tuscan mountains from a farmhouse to the other, finding our luggage at destination, visiting inaccessible villages, along good dirt roads that cross ridges and valleys.

The human relationships and the respect for the nature is what drives us in organizing this type of holidays.


Horse riding in the mountains over Pescia
From San Marcello to Lucchio
A relaxing ride along the mountains overlooking the plains of Tuscany. Lucchio and Pontito are unforgettable villages as well as the landscape
3 days
In group
€ 380
Towards the alp by horse
From Limestre to the meadows of Butale
Two days ride to the meadows of Butale among flocks of sheep and mountain crops, in places where food is 0 km and the friendliness of the people is genuine
2 days
In group
€ 280

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